My first blog post!


It has always been very difficult for me to begin writing anything… The first paragraph of an essay, the beginning of a letter… So, naturally, it is very hard for me to write my first blog post!

You can already read about me on my “About Ballerina” page, so I guess I will just jump right in and start talking about what I’m up to!

The month of April has been a whirlwind for me. Other dancers will understand: Audition Season! I have already attended several auditions and I have two more scheduled. One is this weekend.

Now, normally audition season is stressful enough. This year it is extra scary because I have been out of a company for a year now. I have also not had more than two technique classes a week for the past year. We all know that isn’t quite enough for a professional dancer to get by on, but life events and circumstances have made it tough to find regular classes.

So, I’ve just been making the best of my situation. I go to class when I can, and on the days I can’t, I do my own workouts and stretches in my apartment. Lucky for me, I have some LOVELY hardwood floors in my apartment which makes giving myself barre quite enjoyable. Also, because technology these days is awesome, I have had access to an endless supply of online workouts! It’s impossible to get bored. And thanks to the popularity of ballet inspired fitness, I have been a very happy girl. I will discuss these types of workouts more in the future…

Something I realized when driving home from one of the auditions this month: Even though I’ve had a rough year, I am still so lucky! I was thinking about how I had just taken company class with dancers who are in top shape and I was able to keep up just fine even though I have not had access to the type of training I am used to. Of course, I was frustrated by not performing the way I knew I could in my top form, but all things considered, I was just so happy that I was able to be there at all. I am so happy that after all that has happened, I can still dance and I still love to dance!

I am excited to use this blog to share my love of dance! So, thank you for joining me here. I will be posting updates as I complete my last two scheduled auditions. Then it will be decision time as the results come in… I hope you will keep checking back to find out what will happen! I also have a lot of great ideas for this blog and will start introducing those in the coming weeks.

Come back soon!




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