What’s in my Dance Bag?

I’m the type of girl who usually has to carry a large purse. I do really like small purses (so cute!), but if I have a small one for the day, I often have a larger one waiting for me in my car in case I need anything that won’t fit in the small one. This is because I get anxious if I feel like I’ve forgotten something I might need… I’m also this way with my dance bag. Some dancers don’t even carry a dance bag, or can get away with a small one. Not me! I have to have everything with me.

I change up my dance bag fairly frequently because carrying so much stuff takes a toll on the bag. My current one has lasted nicely for a few years though. It’s by Victoria’s Secret PINK, but I do believe I bought it used. They don’t have this one available anymore, but I definitely recommend their gym duffels. The quality of mine is quite good!

So, here’s what I have in my bag:

It’s hard to see (because most of it is black), but there are a lot of clothes in the bag there. This includes:
– Leg warmers
– Three skirts! All black. I’m not quite sure why I need three… Maybe I’d better take one out. Two are wrap skirts, neither of which still have their tags on, so unfortunately I don’t know the brand. The third is my favorite though. A lovely little black pull on by Abigail Mentzer Designs. I do intend to buy it in every color eventually!
– Black booty shorts. For when I want a little something over my leo, but not in the mood for a skirt. Mine are by Natalie Dancewear. They are quite old, but you can often find similar ones on Discount Dance Supply or other dance wear sites (the same goes for most of these items!).
– Black knit shrug. To keep the arms warm, but not cover up anything else. Mine is by Bloch.
– Black wrap sweater. No tag.
– Purple mesh tie front top. No tag.

I tend to buy a lot of black dance wear. This is mostly because black goes with everything and that it is a flattering and slimming color for me personally.

And here we see:
– Mukluk style booties. So warm! My go to for keeping my feet warm backstage before a show, or while stretching before class. I bought mine in a little store in downtown Asheville NC. The tag says “Hand made in Pakistan.”
– Gel Toe Separators. If I’m doing a lot of rehearsing en pointe I sometimes get hard callouses between my little toes. These spacers help to get rid of those.
Plum Band. So nice for stretching!
– Tiger Balm. For sore muscles.
– Anbesol. To numb my toenails if I’ve bruised them and have to keep dancing in my pointe shoes.
– Orajel. Same as above!
– Antibiotic pain relief ointment.
– Pouch full of band aids.
– Bunheads Stitch Kit.
– Toenail clippers.

A bit more!
– Deodorant.
– Water bottle.
– Tennis balls for rolling out sore muscles.
– First aid tape.
– Scissors.
– Extra gel toe pads.
– Four pairs of canvas technique slippers in different colors.
– Three pairs of pointe shoes. I currently use Gaynor Minden because I don’t wear them out as fast as other brands.

Also, some things I normally have that are missing at the moment:
– Theraband. I usually carry one with me, but mine broke! Time to get a new one.
– Extra pairs of tights and maybe an extra leotard.

I hope this post was fun an informative! Please get in touch if you would like to know more about a specific item or where to get it.




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