Top Workout: Ballet Beautiful

So I know everyone has been wondering when the fitness part of this blog is going to begin… And that is right now! Today I am going to share one of my top favorite workouts.

This past year was not my only year off from a serious dance schedule. I had a year off after I graduated college. It was a tough time and I had to really push myself to workout on my own. I was not in an area where I could take many ballet classes and the whole online workout thing had not quite taken off yet (or maybe I just hadn’t discovered it yet). So, for a while when I didn’t have a ballet class I could attend, I would just go use the sad half broken elliptical in the tiny fitness room near my apartment.

Then, when browsing for ballet related DVDs, I discovered Ballet Beautiful. At the time it was just the first two DVDs available. It was a spontaneous decision to just order the DVDs without having any previous knowledge of them. I saw that Mary Helen Bowers (the founder of Ballet Beautiful) had been a dancer with New York City Ballet, so I figured that was good enough for me to give the DVDs a try!

When I first got the DVDs I mostly used the “Total Body Workout”. This one is now referred to as “the Classic.” The other DVD is the “Blast Series.” I have not used the blast DVD in a while, so I will have to try it all out again soon before I attempt to describe it. That will be a future post.

The Classic DVD is about 60 minutes long, but is divided into 6 parts. Each part has a different focus. Bridges (butt and legs), Abs, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Arms, and a standing portion. It’s great because you can also use the separate parts on their own if you don’t have time for the whole thing or if you just need to target a specific area.

The Classic DVD has sort of become my “old reliable.” I love to return to it frequently because I know what to expect from it, and I know it will give me a great workout! When I first tried it though, I was blown away! The moves in Ballet Beautiful are usually small, but very high rep! My first attempts at it I could hardly make it halfway through a particular series before having to take a break. But over the year I was off from dancing I used the DVD very regularly. That year I saw muscle definition appearing in my legs that I hadn’t really seen before! I also managed to hang onto certain aspects of my ballet technique even though I was mostly doing mat work and not getting enough time in the ballet studio. Because of this, I am so grateful for Mary Helen Bowers and her Ballet Beautiful method!

If you’re looking for a great ballet related workout program, this is definitely a great one to check out! It did amazing things for me and it is a program I will always return to.

If you are interested in trying out the Classic workout you can find samples on the BeFiT YouTube Channel: Bridges, Abs, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, and Arms.

The Classic DVD can be ordered on the Ballet Beautiful website here.

In the future I will be doing more posts about different workouts I like as well as how I personalize my workout by incorporating different elements from different programs.

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