Swan Arms Challenge – First week check in


The Royal Ballet. Photo by www.dancetabs.com (found via Pinterest)

I am excited to announce that I have made it through the first week of my Swan Arms Challenge! Well, 9 days now (even better!).

It is too early to be posting progress photos because I doubt there are any visible changes yet. Instead I will talk a little about a positive thing I have noticed so far:

  • Less fatigue during workout. When people talk about the Classic Swan Arms Blast, they often use the word “burning”. The first time I ever did this workout, I felt the burn about one third of the way into it. Now that I have been doing it daily I haven’t been feeling it as intensely as I used to. I have even managed to do this workout twice in one day to make up for skipping it the day before (a rule I set for the challenge).

I began my Swan Arms Challenge on the 28th of June. Prior to last Sunday (the 3rd), which ended up being a rest day, I had mostly been doing just the Swan Arms Challenge and not much else. I was fairly sick that week and by the time I returned home from work there wasn’t much energy left to attack a workout. But I was very good and did not slack on my challenge!

Here is what I’ve been up to this week:

Monday – Classic Swan Arms (twice!), plus three more workouts accessed through the Ballet Beautiful Custom subscription.

Tuesday – Classic Swan Arms, and two more Ballet Beautiful workouts, followed by 15 minutes of yoga from Do You Yoga (this site is great as it offers a lot of free content as well as a subscription option for even more classes and programs!).

Wednesday – Classic Swan Arms. Left it at that because life got in the way.

Thursday – 90 minute ballet class! Plus, 45 minutes of stretching and warmups before class.

Friday – Classic Swan Arms (twice again! I had to make up for skipping it Thursday), plus another Ballet Beautiful workout, followed by 20 minutes of yoga (this time from Datura Online).

And that’s what I’ve been up to as far as workouts go! Unfortunately summer means not a lot of available ballet classes to take in my area, so I’m making sure to do a lot of ballet inspired fitness. While it cannot replace a ballet class, it does help to keep the right muscles active.

Keep on the lookout for my next check in. Hopefully I’ll have more results to report!




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