I’m back!

I had mentioned that I was preparing for a big move. I am happy to say that I have arrived in my new city and have begun to settle in. It took me a while to get my internet set up here, so that explains the extra long delay between blog posts. Here are some updates on what I’m up to lately:

I had taken a little break from my Swan Arms Challenge while moving. I am excited to be starting it back up now! I decided to pick back up where I left off instead of starting over. It is a rather repetitive challenge and I will be ready to experiment with new challenges and workouts soon. I have completed day 26, so I am now a quarter into my challenge. As I mentioned before, I have been seeing some progress in my shoulder definition.

Last week was my first week taking classes at my new ballet company. It was also my first week back to consistent daily ballet class after pretty much a full year! I guess considering that fact it went very well. Of course, I got a little frustrated with myself in some areas. No rehearsals have started yet, so I just did 90 minute classes Monday through Friday. I decided that considering my inactivity I should take care to ease in gently to avoid injury. This week, the idea was to slowly begin increasing my activity with additional workouts like Ballet Beautiful, and spending additional time in the dance studio. Unfortunately, I am in an area effected by the tropical storm Hermine, so bad weather has kept me mostly confined (cancelled ballet classes), and has also interfered with my internet access. Once this bad weather clears up a bit I will investigate the little gym here that I have access to through my apartment community.

Other news is that I now have blog related social media accounts. They’ve been set up for a little while, but I had not mentioned them in a post yet. Here they are:

Not a lot on there yet, but I will be updating them regularly now. Make sure to check them out!

That’s all for now.




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