I’m back! Take two…


Pre-class warm up: foam rolling to keep my tendons happy

So I fell off the wagon again with my blogging. I’ve been struggling to find my rhythm here  in my new city. Everything has been rather hectic and sitting down to write seemed like an impossible task. I am happy to report that now it looks like I will finally be getting a (somewhat) regular schedule. At least things will be a little more predictable.

Now that I am beginning to feel confident about my ability to return to posting here I will say that I have a lot of plans for future posts. I really want to create some useful content such as stretching routines and foot exercises. I will be brainstorming different ideas on how to present that content, but I am sort of leaning towards short videos. I am definitely a beginner to video editing though, so you will have to be patient with me if at first I do a terrible job!

Now for my little life updates: I am taking ballet classes about 5-6 days a week and rehearsing most days as well. A few days a week I teach ballet and pointe classes at a different local studio. I also have part time hours working in fashion retail. Enjoying fashion is a little side hobby of mine, so sometimes working in clothing retail is dangerous as I often try to buy the store as I work there! I see I will have an excellent source of discounted athletic wear though… ❤

I am still doing my little Classic Swan Arms Challenge. I am rather far behind where I should be as I missed more days… yikes. I am a bit disappointed in myself after having begun the challenge so strong. Part of me wants to quit and do something new, but at the same time I am also determined to see it through to the end! I suppose that’s the attitude I should strive for! I am approaching day 40 out of 100… I mentioned it before, but I really like the progress I have made in my shoulders. However, I really think I need more work with my triceps. The Classic Swan Arms workout by Ballet Beautiful is excellent, but it is rather lacking in movements that truly work the backs of the arms. My solution to this is to alternate it with other Ballet Beautiful Arms routines and focus more on the Classic Arms workout from the first DVD released. I mention it in this post here. So my “Classic Swan Arms Challenge” will now become my “BB Arms Challenge.” I will finish out the rest of the 100 days this way and hopefully have some great “after” pictures to share alongside the pictures I took at the beginning of the challenge.

One more thing I wanted to talk about… I have been back at ballet classes and rehearsals for about 6 weeks now. The terrible tendonitis that I spent a year away from dance to recover from has not shown any signs of returning! It feels amazing that I can do all the jumping in all my classes and rehearsals and not feel that old familiar pain creeping in. I have a new found love of ballet, dance, and moving in general… I see now that even though it was a really tough year, I made the right choice in stepping back and letting myself heal properly. While I am still not back to where I used to be in my abilities, I feel that I continue to get stronger with each class I take. I am confident that soon I will be back to where I was and then still continue to grow. I am exceedingly happy with this and I hope you all continue to follow me on my journey as I work my butt off to reach my full potential as an artist and athlete.

Well that’s pretty much it for now! Thanks for stopping by!




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