Ankle Recovery Progress


A throwback photo from school a few years ago. Stretching in a doorframe backstage before a show. Wearing all my cozy warm ups!

I know I made it sound as if I were going to post more frequent updates of my ankle recovery, but the actual act of focusing on healing took up more time and energy than I anticipated!

Some very good news is that I managed to perform the more modern role in my company’s latest ballet. No pointe shoes, or jumping, but a lot of rolling around on the floor with bare feet. Perfect! It was a nice distraction to be able to focus on that and still feel like I was a part of everything even though I had to give up the part on pointe that I had originally been more excited for… Oh well.

My next goal is to be back to 100% in time for Nutcracker! I have about 6 weeks… Not a lot of time, but I think I can do it! Confident I can at least be 80%…

So here’s the current status of my ankle:

  • Still a little visible swelling, but so much better than it was a few weeks ago. Still icing it as well as epsom salt soaks.
  • Still not at full mobility, but that is also improving. It is better when I warm it up well. It tends to be stiff in the mornings or after I’ve sat or stood for an extended period of time without actively flexing, pointing, or massaging the ankle. I’ve been massaging with Tiger Balm before and after ballet classes and that helps tremendously.
  • Strength is currently very lacking. This is to be expected after keeping off of it as much as possible for a few weeks! I have only recently been pushing myself to take a full barre and even then I have not done any one footed releves on the injured ankle until just this week. I’ve only done a few so far, but it now feels like a gigantic victory.

Here’s what’s next:

  • Continuing to ice and care for the ankle in order to completely get rid of the remaining swelling.
  • Continue to gently stretch the ankle to regain full mobility. At the moment I do careful calf stretch lunges to stretch the flexion, and to stretch the point I sit on the floor and just use my hands to bend and shape the foot. Usually I do these stretches after I massage the ankle with Tiger Balm.
  • Continue strength exercises for the ankle. Aside from taking barre, at the moment I will focus mainly on non-weight bearing exercises, such as theraband exercises, in order to avoid re-injury while the ankle is still weak. I have ordered some brand new therabands from Discount Dance Supply. They have yet to arrive, but once I get them I will review them for you.

I will admit that my Arms Challenge probably won’t be continued at this time. I think it has been postponed so long now that if I were to pick it up again I would want to start at the beginning. So for now I won’t pressure myself with a challenge other than getting my ankle back to fully functioning in order to perform.

And that’s about it for now! I do have the ballet bun tutorial in the works still, so hopefully I can finish that soon… Stay tuned!

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