Tutorial: Ballet Bun for Everyday Class


Today I wanted to post my first tutorial! I decided to begin with something essential to ballet dancers: The Ballet Bun.

Now, there are MANY ways to go about creating a ballet bun. Today I will show you the way I personally put up my hair for everyday classes, rehearsals, teaching, or even the gym. It is fairly quick to do once you have gotten practice. People have said that my hair ends up looking a bit like a cinnamon roll (yum) when I put it up this way because it is a very coiled look. This technique is good for keeping the bun a little flatter to the head than some other styles and it is also less likely to fall out while dancing or doing cardio.

My hair in particular is very long and thick, so this tutorial works especially well for long hair.

Now, lets give this a try!

You will need:

  • Ponytail holder/elastic
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hairnet (optional)
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Hairspray (optional)


Step One: Make a ponytail. I use my brush and comb to evenly pull the hair back from my face. How high you make your ponytail will dictate how high your bun is. I currently like to make my bun higher on my head, so I begin with a high ponytail.


Step Two: For this particular style of bun I divide the ponytail in half.


Step Three: Start with one section (section A) and begin to twist and coil it around the base of the ponytail. Start pinning right away, but stop once you have gone around to where the other section (section B) of hair is. Depending on how long your hair is, you might have quite a lot of the first section left over. If that is the case, let the rest just hang there a bit and we will come back to it later.


Step Four: Once the first section (section A) is pinned around, repeat with the other section (section B). Coil it in the same direction as the first and begin to wrap it around the  section that is already pinned. Concentrate on pinning it to the outside of the already pinned section so that you get a flat spiral rather than building it up so that it sticks out from your head. Stop pinning this section once it is coiled around to where the other section (section A) left off.

Step Five: Go back to the first section and continue to coil. Repeat between both sections until all hair has been coiled up. It should look like a cinnamon roll at this point. Be sure to tuck in the ends neatly once all the hair is used up. Again, if you have long hair like me, you will need to repeat these steps a few times to get all the hair up.

Step Six: Finishing touches. If using a hairnet (optional), go ahead and put that over the bun now. I usually double mine up so it fits securely. Then I take at least 4 bobby pins and secure the hairnet on all sides. I tend to use my extra long pins here to really secure the bun. You can spray hair all over with hairspray, or slick hair back with water to create a smooth wispy-free look. Hairspray will last longer, but for everyday I tend to use water so that my hair isn’t crunchy later in the day if I have other meetings or errands to do. If I’m doing my hair for a show then I use a heavy hair gel to really make the hair stay in place! At the end I like to take two extra bobby pins to secure the wisps at the back of my neck under my bun. I just pull it up and criss cross the pins.


And that is how I do my everyday class and rehearsal bun! From there you can always dress it up by adding a headband or some jeweled pins, etc. I used to get really creative with it, but lately I’m more lazy.. haha. Maybe I’ll start experimenting again and post my creations?

Let me know if you try the tutorial! Please give me suggestions on what could make it better. Also, please let me know what other tutorials or content you would like to see!

Thanks for stopping by!




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