My Nutcracker Post… Finally!


I drew the Nutcracker and a dancing snowflake 🙂

I’m back! I wish that wasn’t something I kept saying on here since I would love to have some consistency with my posts. Unfortunately I haven’t yet managed to find a proper rhythm within my weekly schedule (which is now busier than ever!). I had meant to write this particular post during my Christmas break! A lot of stuff popped up suddenly around that time. On top of a variety of things that demanded my attention, I also got rather ill and didn’t have the energy to tackle extra activities.

Anyway, I still wanted to write a little bit about my Nutcracker.

I am very proud and excited to have made it through Nutcracker. I was finally able to perform in my pointe shoes on my ankle that I had sprained! I was a little worried I would need to pull out of the show because of my injury that I got all the way back in October. It still hurts me sometimes and is definitely much weaker now than my other ankle. It really has been the worst injury of my life and I am still in recovery from it. It was also my first time performing a proper ballet since before my year off from dancing! Getting back into ballet shape has been a tough enough battle anyway after that year off, but the sprain has made things even more difficult. I still have to sit out of most of the jumps in ballet class and limit my time wearing pointe shoes, but I have been getting stronger each week and I have hope that soon I will be back in top form and there will no longer be a trace of injury.

Some thoughts and favorite moments from Nutcracker 2016:

  • After the shows I went out in costume to the lobby of the theatre. Lots of children (and some adults) asked to get their photo with me and I even autographed a few programs.
  • The feeling of those special moments of being in perfect sync with the rest of the corps de ballet. (Large group ensemble dances)
  • Being told by a character performer backstage that she loved my quality of dancing and that she thought I should be getting lead roles.
  • Wearing a tiara will never get old.
  • That feeling of triumph after surviving the snow scene. (So much paper snow piled up on the stage that it becomes way too easy to slip and fall)
  • Final bows to the sound of over 2000 people clapping their hands.

* * *

In other news, only about two weeks until my next show. Then preparations begin for yet another after that. In addition to my rehearsals, I am in the process of choreographing several recital dances for the students I teach. On top of that, I am working towards the possible creation of my very own Etsy shop! Busy busy… But so excited about a lot of things!

I have some great ideas for future posts, so come back again soon!

Thanks for visiting,



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