My “Blogiversary” and life updates


The Lilac Fairy? Doodling for tiara designs.

I just found out that a few days ago was my 1 year anniversary of creating this blog! In some ways it feels like it has been longer because of how much has happened in my life since I started. On the other hand, it also feels like I’ve just begun because I guess I maybe thought I would have had more content after a whole year, but since I’ve had a pretty busy year (auditions, moving, joining a new ballet company, starting a new teaching job) I guess I’ll not beat myself up too much over that fact.

Anyway, something very exciting for me is that I have begun to get some comments and messages from you guys who are reading this. You have no idea how happy it makes me that there are people out there reading and enjoying the content I create, so thank you to everyone who has written a comment or note to me so far. Please feel free to give me suggestions for future posts!

So because it’s my “Blogiversary” I started thinking about new beginnings and the like. Thinking about that reminded me that I never set any New Years Resolutions for 2017. I think I want to type up a quick list of goals for 2017. They will be sort of like resolutions, but a little more relaxed, because we all know that resolutions are not really effective for long term success (in most cases anyway). Here we go…

2017 Goals

For the blog:

  • Find some kind of posting schedule, or at least get a little more regular with posts.
  • Start to create a few floor barre workouts and stretch routines.
  • Get started on some product reviews, dancer style, more tutorials related to hair and makeup.
  • Get more into the “Strength” side of this blog. The fitness, workouts, maybe some healthy eating tips.

For me:

  • Find time to begin working on my future headpiece business (a longer term goal, but it’s time to finally lay the groundwork).
  • Make time for myself: Read more, meditate more, do more yoga, create more art.

* * *

And now for a little life update: I’m actually doing rather well right now. My injured ankle is now nearly back to normal (although it still doesn’t like when I do pirouettes because the turning puts strain on recovering tendons). I also managed to earn a promotion for next year even though I’ve been injured most of this year! I am in rehearsals for a show coming up in a few months. My students that I teach are all rapidly improving. Lots of really great and exciting things!

Visit me again soon to see how I’m keeping up with my goals.




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