Dancewear haul (Discount Dance) and first impressions

The best way to really stock up on dancewear at an affordable price is to visit Discount Dance Supply. I’ve been ordering from them for many years (my mom even used to phone in orders from the mailed catalogue when I was young!). They offer pretty much anything you could need related to dance supplies. I recently ordered some new items and wanted to share what I got!


My newest goodies!

The goods: Two leotards, tights, toe pads, technique slippers.

Toesavers SkinnyDips Toepads – I have been wearing the same old toe pads for a few years now. They have holes in them and aren’t doing much for me anymore (and are pretty gross now to tell the truth). The trouble is that every time I try to get a new pair, they are too thick. I like to be able to feel the floor and too much padding makes me feel unstable. These “SkinnyDips” are nice and thin. I have worn them for one rehearsal so far. They offer just enough padding to protect my easily bruise-able toenails, but are thin enough that I feel like I’m in control of my feet and balance. So far my one complaint is that they are rather big and I will need to trim them so they don’t show from under the vamp (though to be fair, I did order them in the bigger size).

Theatricals Convertible Tights – I always want convertible tights or stirrups. I absolutely have to be able to get my toes free from my tights during classes or rehearsals, so I never wear footed tights. Unfortunately, tights can be pretty expensive, especially considering how easily they wear out. I’ve been on a quest for affordable, but durable, tights. These aren’t the most durable I’ve had, but they make up for that fact with the affordable factor. They are currently only $5.95 on Discount Dance! They have a wide array of colors to choose from. I got mine in “Prima Pink,” which is a perfect ballet class pink. Another perk is that these tights are really comfortable. Really soft fabric and not itchy. Also the convertible foot is smooth and doesn’t bunch up under the toes like some brands do. I’d say they are excellent value for your money.


Leotards by Natalie.

Deep V-Back Long Sleeve Leotard – A new favorite leotard of mine! I actually ordered the red one in a previous shipment, wore it a few weeks, and LOVED it so much I had to get it in blue also. Long sleeved leos are my favorite because I feel like they make my arms look longer. The super low back helps to keep cool. The silhouette and fabric together are just so flattering! I think I want it in black next… 🙂


Theatricals “SofTouch” slippers.

The last thing I got was a new pair of technique slippers. For the past three years or so I’ve been wearing Sansha technique slippers, and I’ve liked them, but I started to see my fellow dancers wearing the Theatricals “SofTouch” Canvas Stretch Split-Sole Ballet Shoes and decided to give them a try myself. So far so good. I’ve only worn them for a short warm up so far, but I love how light they feel on my feet. It almost feels like wearing a sock. They are also really form fitting and flattering on the foot without baggy bits. So far the main thing I prefer with my old Sanshas is that the sole on those was very flat and you couldn’t really feel it. With the Theatricals I can definitely feel the sole under my foot and it’s a little bumpy. Not too bad though and I think once I wear the shoes for a few classes I will become more used to the feel.

And that’s it for my dancewear haul! I will definitely be doing more of these in the future as well as reviewing more of my favorite brands/products. Let me know if there are any that you particularly recommend because I would love to check them out!

Thanks for stopping by!




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