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Today I want to share one of my current favorite websites! is an awesome website with TONS of online classes as well as articles and a community. So far I have been taking advantage of the free content (and there’s plenty of it!), but eventually I plan on purchasing a premium membership to gain access to a huge selection of classes. They keep adding new ones too!

Right now I am doing their 30-Days of Yoga Challenge. I have already completed the 28 Day Yoga for Beginners Program.

Yoga is a great compliment to ballet! Well, I’m a firm believer that yoga is a great compliment to pretty much anything. It’s often hard to find balance between strength and flexibility, but yoga, like dance, builds strength while at the same time working flexibility. It’s also important for ballet dancers to do exercises that strengthen muscles in ways a normal ballet class won’t. For example: working in parallel positions instead of turned out. Yoga also has the added perk of calming mindfulness. Ballet barre in warm up classes can sometimes have a meditative feel to it (as long as class exercises aren’t too complicated), but often in company class I find myself thinking in overtime trying to process corrections and remember tricky exercises. During my yoga practice I have an opportunity to let my mind focus on breath or simply being present in my movements. For someone with a busy mind, this is often my best way to meditate because I use the movements to focus and calm my mind.

I love it when I have time to actually attend a yoga class. Nothing can quite replace actually getting hands on corrections from a teacher or feeding off the energy of your peers in the class. However, online classes have their own special perks. For example, no driving to get to class! This is a major perk for me as I often spend too many hours a day in my car in traffic. Another cool perk is I get to create my own yoga atmosphere. I like to lay out my mat, and light some candles. Sometimes I like to make my own playlist to listen to. Also, if you get super relaxed during savasana, you can fall asleep without the danger of being super embarrassed when you wake up to everyone else walking out of the room and trying to tiptoe around you after class! For the record, I have never actually fallen asleep (I promise). I am far too self-conscious of accidentally being one of those snoring yoga sleepers to let my self relax that much in public.

Another great perk is that if you are a beginner who is a little too shy to actually attend class, you can get a feel for yoga from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Hope you give the website a try and let me know what you think! Also, please share any similar websites that you think I might enjoy!

Any other dancers out there who enjoy yoga as a part of their cross training?




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